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New information centre for cruise passengers in Copenhagen

The Danish Capital is becoming increasingly popular with ship-borne holiday makers

A positive experience of Copenhagen might persuade cruise visitors to come back again (photo: Københavns Kommune)
June 14th, 2017 3:50 pm| by Stephen Gadd

This summer, 129 cruise ships will dock at Copenhagen’s Oceankaj as well as another 162 at Langelinie.

To assist these water-borne tourists, the Copenhagen Municipality , in collaboration with a number of other state and private partners, has opened a new tourist information centre to inspire visitors to use and enjoy the city.

The centre is situated opposite the cruise terminal on Oceankaj.

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Jobs for the city
“It’s very positive that there are more and more cruise passengers coming to Copenhagen. Tourism creates jobs for Copenhageners and life in the city,” said the mayor, Frank Jensen.

“I’m glad that we can now ensure a warm welcome for the increasing numbers of cruise passengers and give them even more reasons to experience Copenhagen, and hopefully come back another time.”

Being where the tourists are
The ships coming into Oceankaj start and end their trips in Copenhagen, so a number of the passengers spend a couple of days holiday in the city before or after their cruise. It is this group in particular that the new centre is aimed at.

“With the new centre, we’re equipped to receive all the cruise passenger arriving in the city from the moment they disembark,” adds deputy mayor for leisure and culture, Carl Christian Ebbesen.

“Good tourist information is all about being there where the tourists are and inspiring and pointing them towards the many things that Copenhagen has to offer.”