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New law proposal to shut down gang fortresses

Government tightening its grip on unruly gangs and motorcycle gangs in residential areas

No-one wants to live next to that (photo: Pixabay)
January 13th, 2017 8:49 am| by Christian W

Loud music, threatening behaviour, traffic issues and attacks from rivals – the neighbour from hell is a gang headquarters.

But thanks to a new law proposal, municipalities across Denmark could, under certain conditions, be able to ban gangs from using housing as a meet-up place or headquarters.

“It’s obvious that gang fortresses in villa street areas and in other residential areas make the citizens in those areas feel very insecure,” said the justice minister, Søren Pape Poulsen.

“The proposal is part of the government’s heightened efforts against crime and insecurity generated by gang groups. Soon we will be unveiling a new gang package, and the police are currently working hard to tackle the issue.”

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Bound for Parliament
The proposal would mean that it would be up to the individual municipality to evaluate whether the bother stemming from the gang fortresses is overwhelming enough to ban the gangs from using the premises to congregate.

The owners or leasers of the housing in question could face punishment if a ban be ignored, while the police will be able to remove gang members by force if required.

The proposal is expected to be submitted to Parliament later this year.