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New pedestrianised zone to give Tivoli room to breathe

Gehl architecture firm envisages cordoning the lower end of Vesterbrogade off to traffic

June 17th, 2019 3:15 pm| by Ben Hamilton

The Gehl architecture firm has released its vision of what central Copenhagen would look like if the lower end of Vesterbrogade was closed off to traffic.

Working in collaboration with Tivoli, whose main entrance opens out onto the busy thoroughfare, the architects have released an artist’s impression of what the street between Bernstorffsgade and Rådhuspladsen would look like if it was closed off to traffic.

Foot traffic to explode
Tivoli expects foot traffic in the area – which is already pretty heavy by Copenhagen standards – to explode once the new Metro line opens this autumn, with many likely to spill onto the congested cycle lanes and roads – particularly as they take photos of Tivoli’s famous gates.

The themepark accordingly invited Gehl to “rethink the area from a people-first perspective”.

Traffic prioritised
An analysis revealed that the street is dominated by food traffic despite the prioritisation of the traffic, and that cyclist confrontations with pedestrians were common.

“When we found out that there are only a few cars, it seemed almost logical to transform Vesterbrogade into an entirely new, generous living space, where it is both nice to walk, and where there are many different reasons to stay,” the company noted.

A better daily experience
Birgitte Svarre, the company chief executive, envisages “a rich, green passageway that will prioritise space for pedestrians”.

“The public space will allow for a better daily experience by bike and on foot,” she continued.

“With lawns, plants and trees, plentiful seating and outdoor commercial areas, staying and recreation will contribute to a renewed and diversified public life – the basis for the street to become a welcoming destination in its own right.”