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New regulations to cut emissions from new wood-burning stoves in force

Particle limit cut in half, but will only apply to sold furnaces

January 26th, 2015 1:29 pm| by admin

Beginning from today, wood-burning stoves sold in Denmark will be subjected to tighter regulations. New stoves will only be allowed to release half the amount of particular emissions as before.

“The particles emitted by wood stoves are harmful,” Kirsten Brosbøl, the environmental minister, told DR Nyheder. “Wood stoves are cosy, but we need to address the pollution problem.”

The new rules state that stoves that are sold can emit five grams of particles per kilo of wood burned. That is half of the previous limit of 10 grams. 

In 2017, regulations will be even tighter, allowing just four grams per kilo of wood burned. The rules also apply to the resale of used wood stoves.

Deadly particles
The minister said that wood-burning stoves are responsible for 70 percent of particulate emissions in Denmark, making them the largest source of harmful particles. 

The medical authorities estimate that particulate pollution is responsible for more than 200 premature deaths every year.

Not enough, says doctor
Inge Haunstrup Clemmensen, a doctor working with Kræftens Bekæmpelse, the cancer society, said that the stricter requirements should apply to stoves in use today, not just new sales.

“The problem is that it will take a great many years to have an effect, as the stoves already in use will continue to pollute many, many years to come.”

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It is estimated there are about 750,000 wood-burning stoves in use in Denmark.