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News in Digest: Sour Eurovision grapes won’t win you any friends!

Britain might have finished last Saturday, but Denmark had the worst song, its pundits contend

The bookies predicted she would be knocked off her perch (photo: screenshot)
May 21st, 2019 5:21 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Now the dust has settled on the Eurovision Song Contest, one this is clear: the Danish entry was particularly unpopular in the UK.

The general consensus appeared to be that ‘Love is Forever’ by Leonora, which finished 12th with 120 points (14 places and 104 points ahead of the UK in last place) was soppy nonsense, which in this era of Brexit the world can do without, thank you very much.

WhatsApp with cuddly Graham?
BBC commentator Graham Norton initially appeared to be a fan as the performance concluded, but there was a sardonic sting in the tail.

“What a sweet song: Leonora there representing Denmark with her friends,” the Irishman jested.

“I wonder if they will stay in touch after tonight? That WhatsApp group will be deleted by midnight.”

Who rattled the Guardian’s cage?
But at least Denmark could rely on the Guardian for support, right? After all, the British newspaper has had its head shoved up Denmark’s arse ever since Sofie Gråbøl wore that Faroese jumper in ‘Forbrydelsen’.

No, even the Guardian wasn’t happy, although its live feed writer conceded that was probably the root cause: Britain being distinctly less happy than Denmark.

“See, this is why Denmark is the happiest country on earth. This insufferably twee sway-along ditty is so sugary it makes my teeth hurt, and Leonora is the human embodiment of hygge,” it observed.

“It’s like Jack Johnson’s ‘Banana Pancakes’ being sung to a basket of kittens. Let’s all squeeze into [Russian entry] Sergey’s shower cubicle and have a good scream.”

Knocked out their favs
But could there be any reason for the British and Irish disquiet. A quick look at the voting suggests there could.

In qualifying for the final, Denmark only made it by one point, eliminating Lithuania in the process.

The Baltic nation did surprisingly well in the public vote, picking up three douze points – from Norway and … you guessed it … Ireland and the UK.