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News Round-Up: Three out of ten Danes only use the toilet at home

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November 22nd, 2019 4:30 pm| by Thess Mostoles

Two-thirds of Danes often avoid going to the toilet, even if the urge is felt, and 30 percent responded that they never use the toilet other than the one in their own home, a study for TV2 reveals.

One of the most cited reasons is that toilets can be unsafe.

Women particularly fearful
The study also reveals a big difference between men and women, with far more women admitting to not using public toilets or toilets at other people’s homes.

Women revealed they often chose not to use other people’s toilets out of fear that others may hear and smell their toilet visit.

Can have serious side-effects
Michael Sørensen, a consultant at the gastro unit at Hvidovre Hospital, recommends people go when they need to, as not listening to one’s body can have long-lasting consequences, like constipation.

“If it’s once, nothing is likely to happen. But if it’s ongoing, it can,” he warned.

Woman becomes oldest Dane ever
At 111 years and 197 days old, Karla Lindholm Jensen yesterday broke the record to become the oldest Danish person ever. To put it into perspective, she was 11 years old when World War I ended. She was born on 7 May 1908 and has lived her whole life in Denmark. “One must be positive and have a bright mind. If you are happy inside, you will come a long way,” she said to DR. She became reasonably well known after appearing on TV, but the record is not something she cares much about. “She is untouched by it and does not bother to talk about it,” said her son Hans-Boy Lindholm.

Denmark’s consumption leaves greater resource dent than the EU average
New analysis reveals that while the average EU country resource footprint stands at 14 tonnes of raw materials per person, Denmark’s is 22. “Our consumption draws on nature’s resources – not only in Denmark but in large parts of the world. The analysis can be seen as an indicator of how much pressure we exert in Denmark with our consumption of the world’s resources,” said Bogomil Iliev, the author of the analysis. The analysis also reveals that raw material extraction, mainly sand, gravel, and stones, has increased since 2013, along with the construction industry.

Municipal workers must pay for their own Christmas party
A survey by BT reveals that 74,837 employees in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense must pay themselves in whole or in part if they want to have Christmas lunch with their colleagues. In other municipalities, a subsidy of about 150-200 kroner is given to each employee. This money is for food, entertainment or decoration. “This is something that colleagues talked about, and the mood is a little depressing,” Malene Markvard Andersen, a home nurse in the Hjallese group in Odense, told BT. In a survey two years ago for, 72 percent of Danes were in favour of subsidising Christmas lunches completely – as long as the amount did not exceed 500 kroner per employee.

Wolt presents its best results in Denmark yet
The Finish food delivery app Wolt came to Denmark two years ago and that year it presented 185,000 kroner in losses, but since then profits have grown rapidly: to half a million kroner in 2018. “We are still seeing a steady increase in the number of active users of our app, as well as a record number of courier partners and restaurants affiliated,” Søren Meier Svendsen, said the general manager at Wolt Denmark. Nowadays, 600 restaurants in six cities are affiliated with the app. These restaurants have reported 250 million kroner in earnings from the service this year.

Three arrests made after a manhunt across Zealand
Three men have been arrested in connection with the escape of 24-year-old gang member Hemin Dilshad Saleh from a psychiatric facility in Slagelse earlier this week – but not the escapee. Two of them were arrested on Tuesday in the Greater Copenhagen area following a massive hunt that involved several police districts, “The two men will be questioned in more detail about their role in the escape,” police inspector Kim Kliver said. The third man was arrested yesterday in Germany. Saleh is a leading figure in the gang NNV.

F35 hangar price continues to rise
 The F35 hangar buildings will now cost 1.1 billion kroner, representing an increase of over 450 million over the past three years. The hangar will host 27 F-35 fighter jets by 2026, with the first planes will start arriving in  2023. “This is, after all, the scandalous fighter purchase in a nutshell. It has become more and more expensive,” the Enhedslisten spokesperson for defence, Eva Flyvholm, told DR. The Ministry of Defence defended the extra costs by stating that now the work has come so far, there is a concrete project proposal.
Stack of stowaways found in cold storage on Danish ferry
Some 25 stowaways have been found traveling from the Netherlands to the UK in the cold storage room of a ferry belonging to the Danish shipping company DFDS. They have since been sent back to the Netherlands, where they were greeted by 20 ambulances.
Suicide rates among LGBT community in Denmark and Sweden falling

A study in Denmark and Sweden, both early adopters of gay marriage, reveals that suicide rates among LGBT members are falling as does the stigma of homosexuality, but the rate is still much higher than among straight people. Marriage might one to the reasons for the fall, the study states.  Between 2003 and 2016, suicides fell by 46 percent among people in homosexual unions and by 28 percent among people in heterosexual couples, compared to the previous 13 years.