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Nine shootings in nine days as new Copenhagen gang war escalates

Police suggest new conflict would be a civil war

Ishøj is becoming a battleground in the new gang conflict (photo: Finn Årup Nielsen)
September 24th, 2018 8:05 am| by Ben Hamilton

Shootings in Nørrebro on Friday and in Ishøj on Saturday took the number of gunfire incidents in Greater Copenhagen to nine in nine days. So far, there have been no fatalities.

Police have introduced a visitation zone in Ishøj, where there was also a shooting on September 15, which will stay in place until October 21.

A zone had already been introduced in inner-Nørrebro last week, which will continue until October 3.

Two passers-by shot
However, the zone was ineffective in preventing a shooting in inner-Nørrebro on Friday evening at around 21:00.

Two passers-by were among three victims hit by gunfire on Meinungsgade and Guldbergsgade.

Then on Saturday, shots were fired from a light-coloured Mercedes at a group of people on Landlyst Vænge in Ishøj. Nobody was injured.

And on Sunday evening, there was a stabbing on Vejlebrovej in Ishøj, which the police say may also be connected to the the conflict.

Brothas involved
Police attribute the shootings to a new gang war involving the Nørrebro and Nordvest outfit Brothas, which fought Loyal to Familia in last year’s Copenhagen Gang War.

And according to the police, which have not officially named Brothas, it might be a civil war between two factions of the same gang, reports DR.

One is based in the gang’s home territory of Nørrebro and Nordvest, while the other operates out of Greve and Hundige, two suburbs close to Ishøj in the southwest of the capital region.




Nine shootings in nine days

Friday September 14: Shooting on Heimdalsgade on Nørrebro

Saturday September 15: Shooting on Ishøj Park Road

Tuesday,September 18: Shooting at Den Sorte Plads in Nørrebro

Tuesday September 18: Shooting at intersection of Herlev Ringvej and Herlev Hovedgade

Tuesday September 18: Shooting at Lygten in outer Nørrebro

Wednesday September 19: Shooting on Ragnhildgade in outer Nørrebro

Thursday 20 September: Shooting at Glostrup Torv

Friday September 21: Shootings on Meinungsgade and Guldbergsgade in inner Nørrebro

Saturday 22 September: Shooting at Landlyst Vænge in Ishøj