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Nominations open for the 2017 Nordic Startup Awards

Search for the best and the newest underway

We could be seeing a Danish winner in Stockholm in October (photo: NSA)
March 9th, 2017 5:12 pm| by Ray W

The nominations for the 2017 Nordic Startup Awards are underway and open to the public until April 7. Cast your nominations here.

The public nominations are the Nordic region’s first step in a global process of finding the next best and brightest startups from all over the world in the Global Startup Awards.

This year the Nordic Startup Awards has new categories designed to recognise the leaders in the hottest trends in the tech startup ecosystem.

“Nordic Startup Awards is a great event that highlights and celebrates entrepreneurs,” said Sissel Hansen, the founder and managing director at Startup Guide.

“To be an entrepreneur can be a tough and lonely road at times, so events like this create a community feeling as well as role models for aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Excellence from the northland
The Nordic Startup Awards will be honouring the most successful startups from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland for the third time. The first time was in 2012.

At the grand final the winning startups from each country will compete in 14 categories.

There will be national events in all of the Nordic countries, and then the regional grand final will be held in Stockholm in October.

Blame it on the Danes
The winners of the Nordic Startup Awards will be entered as finalists in the Global Startup Awards – a competition to “find the next 1 percent” from around the globe.

Companies like Danish Falcon Social, Realm and Finnish Supercell have previously won the award as Startup of the Year.

“The whole thing is started and controlled from Denmark, helping to brand the Nordic region as an alternative to Silicon Valley and attract even more of the talents that the startup industry craves,” said Kim Balle, the managing director of Nordic Startup Awards.

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Among the sponsors are Microsoft, Amazon, United Nations Development Program, the Danish startup organisation CPHFTW, and the Icelandic Ministry for Innovation and Industry.

The 14 categories

  • Startup of the Year
  • Founder of the Year
  • Investor of the Year
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Bootstrapped
  • Best Social Impact Startup
  • Best IoT Startup
  • Best Fintech Startup
  • Best Food Tech Startup
  • Best Health/Lifestyle Tech Startup
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative
  • Best Coworking Space
  • Best Accelerator Program