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Nordic ministers to boost logistics of refugee situation

Annual Haga Meeting takes place in south Jutland

Peter Christensen (on helicopter) welcoming Sweden’s internal affairs minister, Anders Ygeman, before the Haga Meeting (photo: Anders Ygeman)
November 25th, 2015 9:00 am| by Christian W

The defence minister, Peter Christensen, has revealed that the Nordic countries are looking into the possibility of improving the region’s logistical preparedness in light of the ongoing refugee and migration crisis.

Christensen and the rest of the Nordic ministers discussed the situation at the annual Haga ministerial meeting at the Danish Emergency Management Agency’s technical school in Tinglev, south Jutland yesterday.

“I am pleased that we have agreed to establish a joint proposal for how we can develop our co-operation options regarding our emergency authorities across the Nordic borders,” said Christensen.

“And also to optimise our handling of the huge logistical work, which is an essential component of the overall migration and refugee puzzle.”

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Arctic disaster prep 
The joint proposal is expected to be presented by the ministers sometime during the first quarter of 2016.

The meeting yesterday also included discussions concerning the various challenges and emergency tasks facing the Nordic nations.

The ministers were also briefed on the ongoing work involved in establishing mutual Nordic modules, focusing in particular on catastrophe relief efforts in cold regions, such as the Arctic.

Finland will host next year’s Haga meeting.