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Not much sign of the Danish summer as yet

April colder than March – but this is not as unusual as you might think

They probably wish it was a bit warmer too (photo: Max Pixel)
April 27th, 2017 10:43 am| by Stephen Gadd

If you are impatient for warmer temperatures and itching to get the barbecue out, you will have to wait a little while yet – unless you like sitting out in your overcoat and gloves.

Temperature figures for March and April show, quite surprisingly, that March was on average warmer than April.

The highest temperature in March was 21.5 degrees, whereas April has only been able to muster 17.8 degrees, DMI reports.

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Not since 1884 has the March highest temperature stolen such a lead on April – edging out the 2017 figures by just 0. 1 degree.

I’ll remember April
It is not so unusual to record a higher March temperature than April – it has happened 11 times since 1874, which was the first year when serious climate data collecting started in Denmark.

DR weather forecaster Christian Cherry says that the explanation for the phenomenon is quite simple. In spring, warm air tends to be drawn in from the south, as it was in March. In April, on the other hand, especially during the final week, there has been a northwesterly wind, with cold and unstable air masses.