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Notorious pesticide found in 30 percent of citrus in Denmark

Consumer organisation recommend eating organic or Danish

They better be organic (photo: Pixabay)
June 18th, 2019 8:59 am| by Christian W

The annual pesticide report revealed late last year by the Fødevarestyrelsen food authority showed that almost all of the food samples tested in Denmark adhered to the national pesticide standards.

But apparently citrus fruits are under severe scrutiny at the moment due to a high prevalence of chlorpyrifos, a controversial pesticide banned in Denmark, which is still sold in loads of countries around the world.

According to a study compiled by investigative media group Danwatch, about a third of all citrus fruit sold in Danish supermarkets contain chlorpyrifos.

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Eat organic or Danish
The notorious pesticide was created to attack the nervous system of insects, but it has been found to damage the nervous system of humans. It has also been linked to affecting the brains of foetuses and infants, as well as being suspected of causing ADHD, autism and lower IQ in children.

It is found in Danish supermarkets because it is legal in other countries that Denmark imports food goods from, including China, Thailand and Spain.

“Ideally, it should be banned globally, but the first step would be to ban it in the EU as we have a joint set of rules. It would be a relatively simple step to take – particularly given that several countries have already banned it,” Camilla Udsen, a spokesperson with the consumer organisation TÆNK, told Danwatch.

TÆNK recommends that consumers eat organic fruit and vegetables or buy Danish produce as it will not be sprayed with chlorpyrifos.

The EU is currently discussing a prospective ban on chlorpyrifos, according to Danwatch.