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Number of asylum seekers coming to Denmark significantly in decline

Municipalities will have to accommodate only 7,500 refugees instead of the projected 17,000

Less than 5,000 asylum seekers have come to Denmark this year (photo: iStock)
September 12th, 2016 3:34 pm| by Lucie Rychla

The number of refugees coming to Denmark has been in steady decline since the spring.

Over the past two months, fewer than 100 asylum seekers a week have been registered in the country, according to the Immigration and Integration Ministry.

Only 54 refugees (11 from Syria) sought asylum in Denmark last week, compared to 642 in the first week of January.

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In total, just over 4,900 people have applied for asylum in the country since the temporary border controls were introduced on January 4.

Although the current figures are only provisional and subject to constant change, they are four times lower than last year, when the Danish authorities registered 21,000 asylum seekers.

The low numbers have led the government to adjust the quotas for distribution of refugees across the municipalities.

Instead of the projected 17,000, municipalities will now have to find accommodation for only 7,500 refugees, who have been granted residence in Denmark this year.