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Oi, Oi, Oi! Australian TV lambasts Denmark for anti-immigration sentiment

Danes portrayed as pork-devouring racists by ABC program

Denmark under heavy fire from ABC (photo: Screenshot)
October 9th, 2019 10:33 am| by Christian W

Denmark is often championed as a model country to live in, spurred on by glowing reviews from the likes of The Guardian newspaper and other media outlets.

Well, someone Down Under has had enough, apparently.

In its recently-aired foreign correspondent segment ‘The State of Denmark’, national broadcaster ABC has portrayed a view of the Danes very different to the leisure-loving innovators that others have embraced.

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Not a pretty picture
No, instead the Danes come off in a less-immaculate light as pork-infatuated Muslim-bashers in a 30-minute program that features interviews with extremist anti-Islam figure Rasmus Paludan, politicians from Dansk Folkeparti and a Niqab-wearing woman confined to her home by the contentious Burka ban.

The host, Hamish Macdonald, details Denmark’s transformation into an immigrant-phobic nation by focusing on Denmark’s increasingly stringent immigration policies, local politicians fighting for pork to be served in daycare institutions and razing its ‘ghettos’.

“The country that famously saved its Jewish population from the Nazis in World War II has turned against its minorities,” Macdonald proclaimed early in the video.

A harsh reality in Denmark? Or unbalanced shock journalism? Check out the video below.