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ØJ Day: Get your quality Christmas beer today

Welcome to J-Day for adults

November 6th, 2014 10:50 am| by admin

Hordes of people will flock to bars across Denmark tomorrow for the drunken J-Day mayhem that celebrates the release of Tuborg's Christmas beer, Julebryg. However, a slight quieter celebration is taking place tonight, as the more refined beer lovers get their moment in the Christmas spotlight.

Tonight is actually the 12th edition of Beer Enthusiasts Day – known locally as ØJ Dag – with over 30 beer bars nationwide offering up this year's batch of Christmas beer from microbreweries in Denmark and abroad.

”ØJ-Day is 'J-Day for adults',” Jan K Hansen, the co-owner of the beer haven Ølbaren – where ØJ-Day was founded back in 2003 – said in a press release.

”It appeals to people who care about what is in their glass. The aim is to make people aware of the variety of Christmas beer, in terms of choice and taste.”

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Over 30 bars involved
Hansen underlines that any beer bar or brewery that offers some interesting Christmas beer can take part in a day that doesn't focus on getting hammered and ogling skintly-clad girls in elf uniforms. It's about enjoying quality beer.

ØJ-Day, which is always on the first Thursday in November, will open up at Ølbaren in Nørrebro today at 16:00, but there are 30 other bars across the nation that have joined the tradition. They are:

Copenhagen and Capital Region:

AmagerØlhus – Kbh S

Bagsværd Vinhandel – Bagsværd

BarleyWine – Kbh. K

Bartof Cafe – Frederiksberg

Black Swan Bar – Kbh. K

BrewPub København – Kbh K

Café Blågårds Apotek – Kbh N

Café Globen – Kbh K

Cafe Langebro – Kbh S

Cafe Larsens Plaz – Kbh V

Café Viking – Kbh N

Lord Nelson – Kbh K

Søernes Ølbar – Kbh Ø

Taphouse – Kbh K

The Shamrock Inn – Kbh V

Ølbaren – Kbh N

Ørsted Ølbar – Kbh K

Åens Øl – Kbh N


Skänk Øl- & Vinbar – Roskilde

Gustav Wieds Øl og Vinstue – Roskilde


Cafe Biografen – Odense

Carlsens Kvarter – Odense

Christian Firtal – Odense

Sir Club – Odense


Barry’s Pub – Randers

Dronning Louise – Esbjerg

Elkjærs Kaffe + Loungebar  – Varde

Fairbar – Århus

Fermentoren Aarhus

Studenterhus Århus