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One in 20 Danes never use the internet

Or with a different spin: two-thirds of pensioners have been online this year

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November 29th, 2016 4:00 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Barely a month goes by without the release of another TV series or film about a bunch of desperados living off the grid – on an inaccessible mountain or beach somewhere, away from the auspices of the Nanny State.

But for 230,000 Danes, this is their daily reality, if your more mundane, less Netflix-friendly definition of ‘off the grid’ simply means not using the internet, reports DR.

According to Danmarks Statistik, one of out of every 20 Danes aged 16-89 has not been online in 2016 – yes, not even to watch porn.

Mostly pensioners
It will surprise few, particularly given the disclaimer, that the age group least likely to go online is the 75-89 age bracket.

Only 33 percent have not been online, compared to 11 percent of those aged 65-74 and zero percent of those aged 15-18.

But it’s indicative of how far the world has come since the advent of the internet in the early 1990s that just ten years ago the headline ‘Two-thirds of pensioners use the internet’ would have been more of a surprise.