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One-legged woman to walk across Zealand to protest against Danish company

Tracey Danzey intends to travel 100 km across Zealand on her way to Copenhagen

(Photo: Tracy Danzey)
October 17th, 2019 11:21 am| by Roselyne Min

Plans by the Danish insulation manufacturer Rockwool to build a factory in Ranson in Jefferson County, West Virginia, continue to have local residents up in arms.

In March, CPH POST reported how demonstrations were held outside the Danish embassy in Washington to draw attention to what they see as significant risks to air, water, health and the economy if the plant goes ahead.

A month later, Rockwool reached out to this newspaper to reject many of the claims as “inaccurate and based on imprecise information” and reaffirm “its global commitment to sustainability and local respect for the environment”.

And now this week, the one-legged president of Resist Rockwool has announced she will walk across Denmark to draw attention to the situation.

Appealing to the Danish people
Tracey Danzey, who was born and raised in the nearby West Virginia town of Parkersburg, intends to walk 100 km across Zealand to Copenhagen, and she is hopeful of meeting mayors, public officials, environmentalists and union leaders to raise their awareness.

Visits to 20 towns and municipalities are planned, and Danzey expects to be on the road for two weeks.

Danzey herself is a corporate poisoning victim. A plastic manufacturer in her neighbourhood where she was growing up released C8, which ended up in the drinking water. Not long after, she was diagnosed with bone cancer and her right leg and part of her hip were amputated.

“I am asking the Danish people, as environmental leaders of the world, for an open ear and for their advocacy for my community,” contended Danzey.

According to Danzey, the mayor of Shepherdstown, which is located close to Ranson, will soon be contacting his Aarhus counterpart Jacob Brundsgaad to enquire about the settlements becoming sister cities.

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