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Paludan’s election campaign in erection mode, but is his first candidate a deflection?

Uwe Max Jensen, an artist who memorably once painted Kim Kardashian with his penis, will stand as a Stram Kurs candidate in north Jutland

Uwe Max Jensen also painted Kim Kardashian with his penis once (photo: Uwe Max Jensen)
April 29th, 2019 10:00 am| by Ben Hamilton

Thanks to the likes of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and Church of the Militant Elvis Party, Britain has always led the way when it comes to frivolous political parties, but Denmark isn’t that far behind.

The best known was Sammenslutning af Bevidst Arbejdssky Elementer (union of conscientiously work-shy elements), which campaigned for tail-winds on all cycle paths and the inclusion of Nutella in army field rations, but there have been plenty of others – mostly involving nakedness.

And now Stram Kurs (Firm Direction), since receiving the necessary number of endorsements to take part in the General Election over the weekend, would appear to be destroying its credibility with the confirmation that the controversial artist Uwe Max Jensen will be one of its candidates.

Paints pictures with his penis
Jensen’s work includes: numerous stunts involving the Koran and nakedness, re-enacting the decapitation of the Little Mermaid whilst naked, painting Kim Kardashian and a 2017 DF local election campaign poster with his penis, wandering around Viborg butt-naked in 2014 with a blacked out face and penis along with a Bible, and urinating off the Round Tower.

Some of Jensen’s convictions are not as quirky, though. In 2017 he was sentenced to 30 days in prison for assaulting a museum employee in Aalborg,

Jensen, who Paludan describes as a “good friend” following a history of legally representing the artist following some of his arrests, has said he plans to conduct “a more or less traditional election campaign”, reports DR.

After all, he is used to being in the spotlight. “I have been a public person for 20 years, so it does not worry me,” added Jensen.

Concerns over TV debate participation
Over the weekend the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior confirmed that the necessary 20,109 voter endorsements have been collected to permit Stram Kurs to take part in the election. The ministry will first need to approve them.

The development means that Paludan will be allowed to take part in the televised party leader debates, and Jørgen Ramskov, the CEO of the radio channel Radio24syv, warns that he will need to be more careful than he has been on YouTube where he has expressed many racist opinions.

Paludan was recently handed 14 days for racism – a sentence he has appealed to the High Court.

Among Stram Kurs’s policies are a ban on Islam, expelling all non-Western people who have been granted asylum/who are not nationals, and withdrawing from international conventions on refugees. Paludan has also, on occasion, burnt the Koran, thrown it around in the air and wrapped it in bacon.