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Parents responsible for most child abuse cases

Statistics from the nation’s children’s homes show abuse is too often home-grown

Most child abuse starts at home claim new figures (photo: blueMix)
June 27th, 2016 6:55 pm| by Ray W

Children who wind up in one of Denmark’s five children’s homes have often endured violence at the hands of their own parents. Figures from the Social and Interior Ministry show that fathers are guilty of the abuse in 45 percent of cases and the mother culpable in 24 percent.

The statistics from the children’s homes were collected and reported by the national board Socialstyrelsen.

“The country’s five children’s homes must first and foremost gently help children who have been exposed to violence and abuse,” Karen Ellemann, the social and interior minister, told DR Nyheder.

“But the knowledge that the homes are collecting can be used to help us be better and faster at preventing and stopping violence against children.”

Cases increasing
A total of 1,086 children had their cases handled at a children’s home in 2015. According to the ministry, that was a marked increase on the previous year.