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Parts of Copenhagen flooded by violent storms overnight

Train, pedestrian and vehicle traffic still recovering from massive rainfall

Over 100 millimetres of rain fell on parts of Copenhagen over night (Photo: Scanpix)

August 31, 2014

by Ray Weaver

Violent thunderstorms overnight in Copenhagen caused damage, flooding, train delays and nearly cost two motorists their lives when they were stuck in their cars and nearly submerged in flood waters. Rescue workers got to one man stuck in his car in Nørrebro at the very last moment.

Copenhagen firefighters were called out nearly 40 times overnight to help various residents  affected by the flooding. 

Heavy rain coming up from the south dropped over 100 milimetres of rain on parts of the city in just a few hours

Some streets are still under water and train and Metro traffic will be impacted during the day as the cleanup continues. 

Cleanup underway
Several tunnels are still filled with water, according to DSB. They are working to get them pumped out and bringing technicians in to assess the damage. 
Buses are taking the place of trains on many innercity routes today, particularly between Hellerup and Copenhagen.

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Things aren't much better for pedestrians. Covers have been blown off the tops of sewers and there is a danger that pedestrians could fall in. 

Extra emergency personnel will be working today to help get things back to normal, but traffic could still feel the effects of the storm during tomorrow morning's rush hour.

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