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Pedalling for progress and prosperity

Cycle4Change is organising a race to draw attention to the world’s vast inequality gap

The members of Cycle4Change demonstrate that all types of bicycles are welcome at the event (Photo: Thelma Christensen)

December 5, 2013

by Dave Smith

Human progress is very much like riding a bicycle. We must move forward. Stand still and we will lose balance and fall. It is the contention of Cycle4Change, a non-profit organisation created by ten exchange students at CBS, that in areas of the world where huge inequality gaps exist, improving knowledge and human capital is the only way to lift a population and propel it towards prosperity.

On Sunday December 8, Cycle4Change is inviting like-minded Copenhageners to adopt its mantra of ‘Turning Wheels, Growing Minds’ and take to the roads around Carlsberg for a one-hour race to draw attention to how it is time to break the cycle of inequality by helping people find ways to pay for education and raise their families from poverty.

“Making a difference isn’t as hard as it seems,” explained Julian Legrand, a co-founder of Cycle4Change. “It comes down to two things: 1. Do you want to make a difference? 2. Go out and make one.”

The exchange students have drawn inspiration from their new home, Denmark, one of the world’s premier cycling countries, to address the problems of their homelands.
Coming from the Netherlands, key Cycle4Change member Geert Wassens is no stranger to the power of cycling to transform a country.

“As the business leaders of tomorrow, we have a responsibility to understand the world around us and question the things we consider norms,” he said.
“People sometimes forget how privileged we are. It’s great to do something good for the less privileged people.”

Registration for this year’s race on Sunday December 8 will begin at 11:00 at the main square in Carlsberg Byen, which the organisers thank for “graciously donating the use of their location”. The race starts at 12:00 and lasts an hour, after which there will be drinks available for purchase and possibly an after-party.

Despite the seriousness of the cause, the organisers are hopeful the race will have a carnival atmosphere. “The goal of the race is to have fun!” stated a Cycle4Change press release. “We encourage people to sign up in groups so that they might dress up and turn the event into a sight for all of Copenhagen to behold! The more ridiculous the costume, the better.”

Tickets to compete cost 100 kroner, and there are discounts of 20 percent for groups. All the profits go to charity. Find out more about the race and Cycle4Change at www.cycle4change.dk.

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