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PM toying with idea of introducing minimum wage

Doing so would help tackle social dumping, contends Lars Løkke Rasmussen

Philippine truckers were found to be living in abysmal conditions last year (photo: 3F/Twitter)
April 4th, 2019 11:54 am| by Christian W

PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen is entertaining the idea of introducing a minimum wage into Denmark, according to a post he made on Facebook yesterday.

In a quite long post, in which he praised the current Danish model, Rasmussen argued there are still problems associated with social dumping in Denmark and it is not illegal for employers to pay employees minuscule amounts if they are not part of a collective bargaining agreement.

“Wouldn’t it be much simpler if we introduced minimum wage, I am often asked. It would be much easier to control social dumping. And I understand the question, because it’s not long ago that we all read the stories about the dismal conditions the foreign truck drivers in Padborg were enduring,” he wrote.

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Bring forth your ideas
Rasmussen went on to say that, while he didn’t have a final answer, he felt more and more convinced that Denmark needs to look into a regulated minimum wage in certain cross-border labour areas, as long as it doesn’t compromise the Danish system.

The PM then encouraged the Danes to come up with ideas about how to solve the issue pertaining to underpaid labour while protecting the Danish welfare system.

As is the case with Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, Denmark doesn’t currently have a minimum wage as it is negotiated between unions and employer associations. Most other EU countries, aside from Italy, Austria and Cyprus, have minimum wages.