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Police appealing for witnesses following Copenhagen explosion

Authorities have no clue who is behind last night’s blast in Nordhavn

The results of the carnage from last night (photo: Christian Wenande)
August 7th, 2019 10:50 am| by Christian W

The police have called for any witnesses who might have seen anything suspicious in the build-up to the explosion that shook the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen at around 22:15 last night.

The authorities said the investigation into the explosion on Østbanegade, which caused significant damage to the façade of the offices of the Skattestyrelsen tax authority across from Nordhavn Station, was in its early stages and that no suspects have been identified as of yet.

There were trains and buses at Nordhavn Station at the time of the explosion and the police have called for witnesses to come forward and call them at 114.

“Obviously, when something like this happens we’ll keep a close eye on all state buildings. We call it an attack on the building to underline that someone has done this on purpose,” said Copenhagen Police’s chief police inspector, Jørgen Bergen Skov.

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Mobile police presence
No-one was seriously injured in the explosion, although there were two members of the cleaning staff inside the building at the time. One person was also hit by flying fragments.

Copenhagen Police has established a mobile police station at Nordhavn Station, where residents in the area are free to swing by with any information about the blast.

The tax minister, Morten Bødskov, and the head of Skattestyrelsen, Merete Agergaard, have both been at the scene of the explosion this morning. Skattestyrelsen’s staff  has been told to stay home today.