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Police warn against fraudulent emails

Emails asking for a fine to be paid into an account are completely bogus, cops say

January 26th, 2015 4:50 pm| by admin

Police in mid and west Zealand are warning against fraudulent emails that residents are receiving from ‘Kongeriget Danmark’. 

The messages profess to be from national police force Rigspolitiet and say that the recipient owes a fine that should be transferred into an account. 

No suckers so far
Recipients are asked to give their account numbers.

“We had a few reports over the weekend,” police spokesperson Carsten Andersen told TV2 News. “Fortunately no-one appears to have fallen for the scam as of yet.”

Andersen said that police were worried that those who have not had much contact with police might think the emails are real.

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“It is absolute nonsense,” he said. “We would never dream of just asking people to deposit money into an account.”