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Political majority to allow armed soldiers on Denmark’s streets

Military could guard possible terror targets and assist with border control

The Danish police are stretched and need back-up (photo: iStock)
April 11th, 2016 3:03 pm| by Christian W

A majority in Parliament is reportedly in favour of Danish Defence alleviating the country’s stretched police force by guarding possible terror targets and helping control Denmark’s borders.

The proposal, which comes from Dansk Folkeparti, looks to have attracted a political majority with both Socialdemokraterne and Liberal Alliance voicing support. Konservative will also strongly consider supporting the proposal.

“They should take a large number of professional soldiers and train them to handle guard duties so that the police can concentrate on tasks in their districts,” Peter Kofod Poulsen, the DF spokesperson for judicial issues, told TV2 News.

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Police under pressure
The proposal comes in the wake of new figures from the state police Rigspolitiet, which showed the national police force had once again accumulated massive amounts of overtime.

Danish Defence has already teamed up with the police to educate an emergency force of 400 people, who can complete tasks for the police in connection with the refugee crisis.

“Something is wrong when the citizens across our nation can no longer feel as safe as they could before,” said Socialdemokraterne’s spokesperson on judicial issues, Trine Bramsen.

“We are pretty much just waiting for Søren Pind [the justice minister] to call for a meeting so we can make a decision on this.”