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Politicians voice anger at Turkish report that claims Danes are anti-Muslim

EU-funded research concludes that Denmark is an Islamophobic country and an ethnocracy rather than a democracy

Many might agree that Denmark is reasonably Islamophobic (photo: pexels.com)
November 6th, 2019 2:16 pm| by Thess Mostoles

The Turkish report ‘European Islamophobia Report 2018’ was meant to strengthen dialogue and greater solidarity between Europe and Turkey, but with its harsh comments about Islamophobia in Denmark, it has generated a negative response from many Danish politicians.

The Turkish think-tank Seta, which according to Jyllands-Posten is favoured by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is behind the report. 

“EU funds should not be used to finance a Turkish NGO’s report on Islamophobia in Europe, including Denmark,” the foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod, told the newspaper.

Ethnocracy, not a democracy
The report criticises Denmark for its lack of democracy, marking it as an Islamophobic state characterised by “abusive attitudes” and “exclusionary political campaigns” aimed at resident Muslims.

It also no longer considers Denmark a democracy, but an “ethnocracy” – a form of governance in which one ethnic group holds the power.

While Danish politicians have been critical of the findings, a survey carried out in October by YouGov on behalf of media outlet Mandag Morgen revealed that 28 percent of Danes either agree or partially agree that all Muslims should leave Denmark. 

“It’s brutal that so many can agree to Muslims being expelled from Denmark,” Christian Albrekt Larsen, a professor from Aalborg University, told Mandag Morgen.

EU criticised for funding “insane” report
Kofod told DR that Denmark and other EU countries have discussed the matter with the EU representative in Ankara, where they have criticised this kind of pre-accession assistance to the candidate countries.

EU paid Turkey 126,952 euros for the report as part of the pre-accession assistance given to Turkey because the country is a recognised candidate to join the EU.

Peter Kofod from Dansk Folkeparti believes the EU should stop all funding and inform Turkey that the country will never become a member of the EU.

“It’s a scandal that the EU finances this kind of completely insane stuff,” he said.