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Postal services to troubled neighbourhood halted in wake of threats

PostNord temporarily pulls out of Odense ‘ghetto’ Vollsmose

No more packages for Vollsmose (photo: PostNord)
June 13th, 2017 10:21 am| by TheCopenhagenPost

The Danish postal service, PostNord, has stopped its deliveries in the vulnerable Odense district of Vollsmose following several instances of postal workers being threatened.

Specifically, there have been two separate incidents of postal workers being threatened and an instance involving a postal van being broken into.

“On Wednesday, one of our cars was broken into and an employee was verbally threatened, while on Friday a postal worker was physically grabbed and threatened. She was told: ‘We are watching you. We know when you come, so stay away,’” Michael Frølich, the head of PostNord distribution, told DR Nyheder.

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Package pain
In response, PostNord did not deliver letters, ads or packages to residents in Vollsmose yesterday and it won’t do today either.

According to Frølich, PostNord plans to once again bring letters and ads to the area again tomorrow, but residents receiving packages will have to go down to the nearest post office to collect them.

It’s not the first time the postal services have halted deliveries to Vollsmose. In 2013, package deliveries were stopped after several were stolen.

Vollsmose is one of 25 areas on the government’s annual ‘Ghetto List’ for troubled and marginalised neighbourhoods. The areas are generally laden with high levels of unemployment, high numbers of immigrants with a non-Western background, and citizens with a low level of education.