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Praise the Lord! Man travels from Singapore to pay homage to Bendtner

Elsewhere, Brøndby axe Dubai as travel destination after criticism

Bendtner and Choy (photo: FCK)
October 17th, 2019 10:57 am| by Christian W

In the world of football, Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner is either considered a bit of a joke, or a cult legend.

It’s probably mostly the latter in Denmark – he has scored a boat load of goals for the national team after all – and his off-the-pitch shenanigans and lordship ‘title’ have become something of epic lore among fans.

But for some people, such as Thomas Choy from Singapore, Bendtner is an icon worth travelling across the world to see, even if it’s just a training session with new club FC Copenhagen (FCK sold out his kit in just 17 hours after he signed recently).

That’s something even Denmark’s fiercest fans abroad, the Wakayama Roligans, would be proud of.

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Wakayama would be proud
In a video posted on FCK’s website (see below), Choy gets to meet his hero and reveals why Bendtner has such a special place in his heart.

Choy also said he has been a fan of Danish football since watching them dazzle at the 1986 World Cup – during their conversation, he even busted out the names of legends such as Michael Laudrup, Preben Elkjær, Søren Lerby and Jesper Olsen.

That fire was only further fuelled when Denmark won Euro 92 a few years later.

“It was like a fairy-tale story and I really enjoyed it. I just kept on following the team: for 20-30 more years until now,” Choy said.

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Brøndby ditch Dubai
In other football news, Brøndby has decided to axe Dubai as a travel destination for their training camps following criticism from their fans.

As was the case when FC Copenhagen shelved the UAE city earlier this year, the criticism again centred on issues pertaining to human rights in the country.

The club also stated it was unhappy with the calibre of opponents it faced in its Dubai training camps in recent years.