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Princesses at the pictures

(Photo: Hasse Ferold)

May 31, 2014

by The Copenhagen Post

Fresh from its warm reception at Cannes, the Danish western ‘The Salvation’ received glowing praise from those in attendance at its domestic premiere at Imperial cinema.

Pictured are director Kristian Levring and cast members Mads Mikkelsen and the singer Oh Land.

Meanwhile, the princesses were out in force for the premiere of ‘Grace of Monaco’. Among those in attendance were 2013 Eurovision winner Emmelie De Forest and actress and author Suzanne Bjerrehus 

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(November 30, -1 00:00)

Integration my ass... And don't call them 'Danes', call them 'muslim...

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(Scott Larsen on July 31, 2014 19:40)

Wow! 12.1? That's a hard one

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Maybe, just maybe, the problem isn't Danish men but the writer. As an...

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Why, how nice! Then you'll have a luxury hooker haven instead! THAT will...

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Oh God, Denmark! Get a life!

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Thank God that this Danish girl married an American! LOL! Always knew that...

(Tess Palfi on July 31, 2014 15:47)