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Proposal for new ‘Øresund Metro’ to cut travel time to Sweden in half

Faster travel times and new business opportunities are just two of the advantages of the proposed metro

Smooth – and fast! – sailing with new metro proposal (photo: Pixabay)
November 11th, 2019 6:16 pm| by Jade Emerson Hebbert

By 2035, the travel time from Copenhagen to Malmö could be cut in half if the proposal for an Øresund Metro is approved.

The metro, an alternative to the current train, will take travellers from Amager to Malmö in a mere 23 minutes – all thanks to a tunnel that will go underneath Saltholm.

The Øresund Metro is a ‘vision’ of Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen and falls in line with the agreement by Denmark and Germany to build the Fehmarn Belt Link between the two countries and quicken journey times across northern Europe, as well as plans to establish Greater Copenhagen – which straddles the Danish capital region and large parts of southern Sweden – as a major European metropolis. 

It’s all in the numbers …
The new tunnel will generate faster travel times, more transport options and increased business, investment and employment opportunities – all of which will help offset the estimated 22.21 billion kroner cost.

Its creation will mean that 2.3 million people in Denmark will live within an hour of Sweden. Currently that figure is 1.5 million. With departures ever one and a half minutes, it will be easier than ever. 

The journey from Copenhagen Central Station to Malmö currently takes 38 minutes by train.