Quick thaw: US to expand presence in Greenland despite recent tension  – The Post

Quick thaw: US to expand presence in Greenland despite recent tension 

Americans want to open consulate in Nuuk for first time since 1953 

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a few days (photo: Gage Skidmore/News Øresund)
August 24th, 2019 12:38 pm| by Christian W

The relationship between Denmark and the US has been frigid this week following US president Donald Trump’s sudden cancellation of his official trip to Copenhagen next month. 

But the thaw has apparently already started with the news that the US is looking to open a consulate in Nuuk next year, according to a document from the US State Department to Congress that The Associated Press has come into possession of. 

According to the document, the US has a “strategic interest in enhancing political, economic, and commercial relationships across the Arctic region.” 

The Americans established a similar diplomatic post in Greenland in 1940 following the Nazi occupation of Denmark, but closed it again in 1953. 

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Nasty to wonderful
A diplomatic olive branch was also extended by Trump himself, following a productive telephone conversation with Danish PM, Mette Frederiksen.  

Frederiksen, who the president referred to as “nasty” earlier this week after she described US ambitions to purchase Greenland as being “absurd”, was lauded by the US leader today at the White House. He described Denmark’s leader as “a wonderful woman” in the wake of their conversation. 

“We have a very good relationship with Denmark. … Very nice. She put a call in and I appreciated it very much,” Trump told AP News. 

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Thumbs up Mette!
Frederiksen, who only just recently assumed the PM reins, was also praised by her political opposition in Denmark, with even former PM Lars
Løkke Rasmussen applauding how she tackled the situation. 

Venstre and Dansk Folkeparti were among the parties to hail Frederiksen. 

“Very nice diplomatic work accomplished by establishing a conversation between POTUS and the Danish PM. The US is Denmark’s most important ally, regardless of who is in the White House,” Rasmussen wrote on Twitter.