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Radical rethink needed to hit target of phasing out fossil fuel cars by 2030

Changing the way electric cars are taxed could provided the impetus necessary to get the government’s plan back on track

Tax the mileage not the car, experts suggest (photo: Peter Mulvany/News Øresund)
June 7th, 2019 10:07 am| by Stephen Gadd

Last year, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen went on record as saying that as part of the government’s green package there would be over a million electric or hybrid cars on Denmark’s roads by 2030.

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However, there is an awful long way to go if this ambition is to be realised. The latest figures from the national statistics keeper Danmarks Statistik reveal that as of January 2019 there were only 15,205 vehicles in this category on the roads – or 0.59 percent of the 2.6 million or so private cars in Denmark.

Political clarity needed
On the bright side, sales have been going in the right direction for the first five months of this year, as 3,476 electric or plug-in hybrid cars were sold, reports DR Nyheder.

Experts point out that sluggish sales could well be due to conflicting political signals regarding car prices, subsidies (or not) and especially issues regarding registration tax.

It is suggested the way forward would be dropping the current registration tax and imposing a mileage tax. This would decrease the further you drive, so you would be taxed on driving the car rather than buying it.