Recalling the whole lotta love as Led Zeppelin gave their first ever performance ... in Gladsaxe - The Post

Recalling the whole lotta love as Led Zeppelin gave their first ever performance … in Gladsaxe

As young photographer Jørgen Angel climbed the steps of the youth club that night in 1968, he was expecting The Yarbirds, but instead took a stairway to heaven

Plant and Page in action (all photos: Jørgen Angel Facebook page)
July 16th, 2019 11:12 am| by Ben Hamilton

A new Danish-language book, ‘Led Zeppelin: Denmark 1968 – 1970’, recalls how the legendary rock band’s first ever concert wasn’t at the Hollywood Bowl or Madison Square Garden, or even at The Cavern Club. It was in Gladsaxe.

Photographer Jørgen Angel documented the night on 7 September 1968 at a youth club located at Egegård School in the Copenhagen suburb where Led Zeppelin took to the stage as the New Yardbirds.

Angel, a teenager at the time, remembers being disappointed as he thought Eric Clapton and other members of the Yardbirds would be playing.

Instead, all he got from the Yardbirds line-up was Jimmy Page, accompanied by three musicians he had never heard of: Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham.

Who the hell are these guys?
“I’d been looking forward to hearing the Yardbirds again,” he told the BBC.

“But when I arrived, I saw a handwritten poster stating: ‘The New Yardbirds’. Then I knew something was wrong. Imagine that you had bought tickets to The Beatles and then ‘The New Beatles’ turned up instead.”

Angel quickly changed his tune when they started playing: “But when the New Yardbirds came on the stage and started playing, I was happily surprised by their energy. I was so captivated that I used a roll and a half of film on them – and that was expensive for a schoolboy.”

Angel went on to photograph Led Zeppelin on most of their visits to Denmark, and at KB Hallen on 3 May 1971 he heard the only ever live performance of their legendary track ‘Four Sticks’ (see below) in which Bonham held two drumsticks in each hand.

‘Led Zeppelin: Denmark 1968 – 1970’ is available to buy here.