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Record number of vehicle owners dodging inspections in Denmark

Loads of illegal cars driving around in the Danish traffic

Thousands forgetting … or avoiding … doing this (photo: Såby Bilsyn)
August 28th, 2017 8:14 am| by Christian W

According to new figures from the traffic authority, Færdselsstyrelsen, a record 18,490 vehicle owners failed to turn up to mandatory car inspections last year.

That’s three times as many people as in 2013, and while part of the reason is due to people forgetting, one of the nation’s biggest car inspection firms, Applus Bilsyn, contends that some drivers simply drive their cars until they break down.

“Some people don’t want to get their cars inspected because they won’t pass. They drive until the car falls apart or the police come and cut off their licence plates,” Lars Kiholm, the technical head for Applus, told DR Nyheder.

“It’s not good that there are illegal cars driving around that can be a danger in traffic.”

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Three strikes
One of the primary reasons that people fail to get their cars inspected is because the notification arrives digitally in their e-Boks accounts. If you forget to show up at the inspection, however, you receive another notification via traditional post.

If the driver fails to show up to the inspection following the post notification, the car owner is fined 2,000 kroner. If the car owner then doesn’t get the car inspected within three weeks, another 2,000 kroner fine arrives along with an order to remove the plates.

If the car owner still doesn’t go to the inspection, the police are asked to show up and cut off the plates.

Still it could be worse. Last year a report emerged showing that the last time any vehicles in Greenland were inspected was in 1999.