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Recordbreaking Danish summer set to continue, forecasters predict

‘Flaming June’ is expected to be followed by equally sunny weather in July and August continuing on to September

The sun has got his hat on – and seems likely to stick around for quite a while (photo: Ultraman)
June 13th, 2018 9:44 am| by Stephen Gadd

Whatever happens over the next few weeks, 2018 will be remembered in years to come as enjoying the best May weather since records began in 1874.

However, according to the weather forecaster DMI, there is even more good weather to come.

The forecasters have just issued their long-range forecast from July to September, which promises “a significantly drier and rather more sunnier and warmer summer than normal”.

Why not try a ‘staycation’?
DMI also predicts “there is therefore no need to travel south for your holidays and the weather will be in great contrast to last year’s rainy and cold summer.”

The reason given for this good weather is that the jetstream that controls Denmark’s weather appears to be situated further north than normal, so low pressure from the Atlantic is taking a northerly route around Denmark. This allows for high pressure with dry and sunny weather across large parts of northern Europe.

Forecasts for July and August also indicate high pressure areas and summery weather. In July this could be interrupted by short periods with showers – some of which could be heavy and thundery. DMI also expects one or two heatwaves.

Some like it hot
From the end of July and some way into August there will be shorter periods with very warm air and the possibility of heatwaves from the south or southeast.

Finally in September there is expected to be periods of dry and cooler air from the west or north. On average, the month will end up being drier than usual whilst temperatures are expected to be above average.

So there you have it. Break out the deckchairs and cool drinks, and roll on the summer holidays!