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Return of the podcast: Giving Denmark a global perspective

Thomas Mulhern, the head of Globally Local, and Ed Ley, the CEO of Absolute Health, have now interviewed 27 movers and shakers in this country

Rufford Gifford, the former ambassador of the US, sat down with Thomas and Ed earlier this year (all photos:
June 19th, 2019 5:30 pm| by Ben Hamilton

In September 2009, Copenhagen Municipality and CPH POST entered into a partnership to produce 10 podcasts a week for internationals.

But our management got it badly wrong, and the deal was not renewed after six months – understandably so.

The twice-a-day podcasts were too frequent and rarely involved humour. The listening figures were pitifully low. It was the audio equivalent of watching paint dry.

Irreverent but relevant?
In February 2017, learning from our mistakes, we launched a weekly podcast. This time they had a more international perspective, which lends itself to irreverence.

Thanks to the efforts of co-hosts Ray Weaver and Timea Hoka, the podcasts (dare we say) were lively, conversational and humorous.

But CPH POST couldn’t find the funding to extend it beyond its initial 12-week run, even though some of the casts attracted as many as 6,000 listeners a week.

A serious business 
The number didn’t surprise us. Internationals comprise nearly 10 percent of the city’s population, and together with immigrants and their descendants 24 percent.

But furthermore, they are increasingly serious-minded and career focused. Dansk Industri estimates there are 145,000 highly skilled foreign workers in Denmark – a demographic vital to the local and national economy

In short, they deserve an English-language podcast befitting of their importance to society, so it is our pleasure to announce that CPH POST has agreed a deal with Thomas Mulhern, the managing director of global talent specialists Globally Local, and Ed Ley, the CEO of Absolute Health, to carry Global Denmark Podcast, a weekly podcast they launched back in February,.

According to Mulhern, the podcast is an opportunity to be ambassadors for Denmark. “Our mission is to drive conversations that teach lessons for and from Denmark,” he explained.

The latest Global Denmark Podcast podcast is an interview of TV host Timm Vladimir


In-depth and intimate 
In the first episode, Mulhern and Ley sat down with Rufus Gifford, the former US ambassador to Denmark, to reflect on his time in Copenhagen.

Both in-depth and intimate, the interview touches on many interesting topics, including the current political climate, personal vs professional humility, and life on Air Force One.

Since then, Mulhern and Ley – who are also both CPH POST columnists – have carried out a further 25 interviews. Among their subjects were anthropologist Dennis Nørmark, TV host Timm Vladimir and Helen Russell, the author of ‘The Year of Living Danishly’.

Click here to listen for yourself to the interview of Helen Russell and to access the platform where you can choose from any of the other interviews.

Guardian journalist Helen Russell has written a number of books about Denmark since moving here a decade ago