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Rio 2016 rundown: Today’s Olympic action (Days 0-2)

Danes have a chance at some early medals this weekend

It’s about to go down in Rio (photo: iStock)
August 5th, 2016 2:20 pm| by Christian W

Because of the five-hour time difference between Rio and Denmark, you’ll need to be a proper nighthawk in order to catch all the Olympic action live from Brazil.

It’ll be a late one tonight if you want to see Caroline Wozniacki carry Denmark’s flag into the Olympic Arena during the opening ceremony, which starts at 00:55 tonight and is being shown on TV2.

Fortunately, though, there are plenty of TV options available thanks to DR and TV2 teaming up to cover more events than ever before. Providing you have TV2 of course, which is a contentious subject in itself.

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Danes in action on Saturday:

13:30 – Shooting, heats: 10 m air rifle women (Stine Nielsen) – final is at 15:30

14:30 – Road Cycling, men (Christopher Juul Jensen, Jakob Fuglsang and Chris Anker Sørensen)

14:30 – Rowing, heats: women singles (Fie Udby Erichsen)

*15:00 – Tennis, Round 1: women’s singles (Caroline Wozniacki) – * match could also take place on Sunday at 15:00

16:00 – Rowing, heats: women’s doubles (Lisbet Jakobsen and Nina Hollensen)

17:00 – Rowing, heats: men’s coxless four (Jacob Barsøe, Jacob Larsen, Jens Vilhelmsen and Kasper Winther)

18:31-20:42 – Swimming, heats: women’s 100m fly (Jeanette Ottesen), men’s 400m free (Anton Ipsen, Mads Glæsner), 4x100m free (Denmark)

On Sunday:

15:00 – Table tennis, round 2: men’s singles (Jonathan Groth)

* Tennis, Round 1: women’s singles (Caroline Wozniacki) – * match could also take place on Saturday at 15:00

15:00-16:20 – Rowing, heats: men’s lightweight double sculls (Rasmus Quist and Mads Rasmussen), women’s lightweight double sculls (Anne Lolk and Juliane Elander), women’s pair (Anne Dsane and Lærke Rasmussen)

15:10-18:00 – Swimming: 100m fly semis (Jeanette Ottesen), 400m free final (Anton Ipsen, Mads Glæsner), 4x100m free final (Denmark), 100m back stroke heats (Mie Ø Nielsen)

19:40 – Handball, group stage: Denmark-Argentina

Other interesting events taking place are:


03:00 – Swimming, finals: men’s 400m IM and women’s 400m IM


17:15 – Road cycling: Women’s road race

03:00 – Swimming, finals: men’s 100m breaststroke and 400m free

On Danish TV:


13:30 Rowing: TV2 Sport / TV2

14.20 Road Cycling, men: DR1

14:25 Handball Women: Norway-Brazil, DR3

14:30 Volleyball Women: Japan-South Korea TV2 Sport

15.00 Riding: Military dressage, Play 1

15:30 Shooting: 10 m rifle, TV2

16:00 Tennis men: First round, DR3

16:30 Handball Women: Netherlands-France TV2 Sport

17:55 Swimming, heats: DR3

19:15 Basketball Women: Australia-France, Play 2

20:30 Shooting: 10 m pistol, TV2 Sport

20:35 Archery, men: Finals, DR3

21:40 Handball women: Montenegro-Spain, TV2 Sport

21:55 Boxing: TV2 Sport

22:35 Beach volleyball: DR3

24.00 Tennis: TV2

24:00 Basketball, men: China-US, Play / TV2 Sport

00:50 Handball Women: Romania-Angola, TV2

02:00 Beach Volleyball, DR3

02:55 Swimming: Finals, DR1

03:00 Football Women: Brazil-Sweden, TV2

03:30 Basketball, men: Venezuela-Serbia, TV2 Sport


13:30 Rowing: TV2

14:00 Archery, Women: DR1

14:30 Handball men: Croatia-Qatar, TV2 Sport

15.00 Riding: Military dressage, Play 1

15:00 Beach Volleyball, Women: DR3

15:45 Tennis men: DR1

16:00 Shooting: 10 m pistol, TV2 Sport

16:30 Handball men: Sweden-Germany, TV2

17.15 Road Cycling, Women: Road, DR3

18:00 Swimming, women: heats, DR1

18:10 Football, men: Fiji Mexico, TV2 Sport

18:20 Swimming, men: Heats, DR3

19:15 Basketball, men: Brazil-Lithuania, Play 2 / TV2 Sport

19:40 Handball men: Denmark-Argentina, DR1

21:00 Football, men: Germany-South Korea, TV2 Sport

21:40 Handball men: Poland-Brazil, DR3

23:00 Football, men: Argentina-Algeria, DR3

23:30 Boxing: TV2

24:00 Basketball, men: Croatia-Spain, Play 2

24.00 Football, men: Denmark-South Africa

00:50 Handball men: France-Tunisia, TV2

00:55 Tennis: TV2 Sport

03:03 Swimming, men / women: DR1

03:00 Football, men: Brazil-Iraq TV2

03:30 Basketball, men: Nigeria-Argentina, TV2 Sport

04:59 Beach volleyball, men: DR1