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Rise in human trafficking cases fuelled by refugee crisis

Over 100 people charged with human trafficking at the southern Jutland border this year

The refugee crisis is creating more cases of human trafficking (photo: James Gordon)
November 3rd, 2015 4:33 pm| by Ray W

Police in southern Jutland have charged 103 people with human trafficking this year. The numbers have spiked since July, with 76 cases being filed.

The high numbers of refugees has created a crisis at Danish border crossings. In October, 192 illegal immigrants were deported to Germany. In all, 377 people have been deported this year.

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In late September, the national police department Rigspolitiet reported that 46 people had been charged with human trafficking in connection with the many refugees who crossed the border at Rødbyhavn in cases in which Danes chose to help the refugees who wanted to get to places like Sweden .

Not every case the same
A case in which a man was charged with human smuggling after attempting to get his family to Sweden was among those that encouraged Enhedslisten’s Pernille Skipper to suggest that distinctions must be made.

In future cases, she suggested, it must be ascertained if the smugglers are being paid for their deeds or if they are attempting to help others.