Roskilde Festival project to turn piss into pilsners

Nre project to recycle festival urine into beer

Festival-goers will be contributing to future beer consumption (photo: Bill Ebbesen) Festival-goers will be contributing to future beer consumption (photo: Bill Ebbesen)
June 4th, 2015 11:34 am| by Christian W

When the hundreds of thousands of Roskilde Festival goers piss the days and nights away this year, they will be able to argue with confidence that they are donating their contribution to future beer at the festival.

A new project – entitled ‘From piss to pilsner’ – will recycle the spent urine from this year’s festival and use it as fertiliser for a malting barley field near Køge, which will end up as ingredients in future beer.

The project has been established by the Roskilde Festival in co-operation with the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC) in what they refer to as ‘beercycling’.

“It’s about changing our approach to ‘waste’,” Leif Nielsen, the head of communication for DAFC, told Dagbladet Roskilde. “The amount of urine produced by the festival today is impacting on the environment and the sewage and cleansing system in Roskilde.”

“But the project turns the many litres of urine into a resource.”

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First batch in 2017
In total, the project aims to collect and recycle 100,000-250,000 litres of urine during the festival.

The first ‘pilsner from piss’ is expected to be enjoyed by festival guests during the 2017 festival.

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