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Russian fleet passes through the Great Belt

It’s been an interesting couple of days for the Great Belt Bridge

The warships are out in force (photo:
July 10th, 2019 11:46 am| by Edward Owen

This morning a small fleet of Russian warships passed through the Great Belt.

A right of passage
Included in the group is the Oscar-class atomic driven submarine ‘Smolensk’, which is equipped with cruise missiles. The small fleet is en route to St Petersburg where the vessels will take part in an annual parade.

Whilst warships are not obliged to report international passage when sailing alone, three or more together does mean notification is required.

The Russian navy accordingly provided the Danish authorities with their planned route, which will see them continue down through Langelandsbælt, before turning east towards home.  

Bridge reopened
Meanwhile overhead, the Great Belt Bridge has fully reopened following yesterday’s closure due to a vehicle fire.

A truck caught fire at approximately 15:00 on Tuesday – the cause is yet to be clarified. The ferocity of the fire resulted in long queues in the direction of Zealand as it took several hours to bring the blaze completely under control.

In typical modern-day style, a number of passing motorists couldn’t resist the opportunity to whip out their mobile phone and film the inferno. The police issued several fines to motorists for using their mobile phones whilst driving.