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Bring Game of Thrones into your home

December 29, 2013

by Sofie Gravers Jacobsen

New Year is all about New Year’s resolutions. The reinvention of yourself. The brand new you. Slimmer, fitter, less binge drinking, more marathons, fewer Netflix weekends, more cultural activities. But why go through the charade? Why not acknowledge your bad habits as just habits and embrace them by improving them? Here are some suggestions to do just that.

You have probably already watched most of the good series on Netflix: The West Wing, Breaking Bad, Homeland. So on the morning after New Year’s Eve and, let’s face it, all year round, treat yourself to a subscription to HBO. If you missed The Wire, Deadwood, and the first four seasons of Boardwalk Empire, or have an addiction to Girls – here is your chance to catch up and stay hooked. A subscription to HBO is only 79kr per month.


If you’re a fan – then fine. If not – then why not sign up for an activity you actually enjoy. From the many hen parties and/or bachelor parties you have been to over the years – maybe you find yourself actually looking forward to the ones that have pole-dancing, water polo or climbing on the programme.  So in 2014, head for the extra-curricular activities that you will keep going to all year round. A good place to start is  Nørrebro Klatreklub (www.nkk.dk) where it costs 990kr to join for a year. Or try Dansk Svømmeunion for waterpolo (www.svoem.org/Klubber), and for poledancing go to Polestudio v/ Polonius (www.polestudio.dk).

So, you decide 2014 should be the year you really start cooking for yourself, save all the money you spend on greasy take-aways and find your inner Nigella Lawson. But seriously, why bother when you are already a takeaway goddess? Aside from the fact that you don’t necessarily enjoy cooking, it is time-consuming and now that you find yourself actually working out (pole-dancing etc), you might just want to grab something on your way back. So opt for the following healthy and reasonably priced takeaway places: Soupanatural (Sankt Peders Stræde 31, Cph K); Cofoco – Le Marché, (Østerbrogade 64, Cph Ø) and Smag (Fælledvej 25, Cph N).

So the binge drinking may naturally level out in January after one too many hefty Christmas parties. The ‘so last year 2013 ‘Julebryg’ could be replaced with good quality coffee. You probably frequent these good coffee places already but with a coffee card to yourself – it becomes less of a guilty and expensive pleasure and more of a habit and less expensive pleasure on your way to or from work. Try Estate Coffee (Gammel Kongevej 1, Cph V) and Coffee Collective (Torvehallerne, Frederiksborggade 21, Cph K).

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