Seven buses go up in flames overnight in northern Danish city – The Post

Seven buses go up in flames overnight in northern Danish city

Police do not suspect foul play in bus company blaze

A lot of Arriva buses will be ‘ikke i rute’ in Aalborg today (photo: Christian Giersing)
January 10th, 2017 11:08 am| by Ray W

Shortly before 03:00 this morning, a large fire broke out at an Arriva bus station in eastern Aalborg.

By the time fire crews were on the scene, a number of buses were fully engulfed in flames rising 30 metres into the air that could be seen from the city centre. In total, seven buses were damaged.

Business not as normal
Many commuters in Aalborg were unsurprisingly left waiting in vain at bus stops today.

“We’ll add all the buses we can – perhaps from other towns in Jutland,” Claus Børsting, the operations manager at Arriva, told DR Nordjylland.

“But we will have to cancel some trips.”

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Arriva could not say exactly which routes would be affected.

Technicians will be investigating the cause of the fire today. North Jutland Police said that an oil heater in one of the buses may have overheated, causing the blaze to spread to other buses.

There is no suspicion of a crime.