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Sex campaign targets youngest school kids

Annual sex education campaign expands to kindergarten

Children from six years old are now part of sexual campaign (photo: Colourbox)

February 4, 2014

by Louise Vilster

School children from six years old are not too young to start learning about sex. That is the belief of the organisation Sex og Samfund (sex and society), which every year organises the sexual campaign 'Uge Sex' (Sex week) that is running at schools across the country this week. 

Normally the campaign targets children from second grade and up, but this year the programme has been expanded all the way down to the kindergarten level. Uge Sex offers free material for use in the classroom and the purpose is to create a greater focus on sex education.

Bringing in the parents
In addition to expanding to the youngest children, this year's campaign also aims to get parents more involved. Line Anne Roien, the project leader at Sex og Samfund, said it was vital to get parents involved in Uge Sex.

“The parents are the ones who can speak directly with children about the insecurities and worries the children may have, Roien told DR Nyheder. "We know that there are many children and young people that do not speak with their parents about this issue but would actually like to."

The website www.kroppelop.dk was developed especially to target the youngest school children as part of the Uge Sex campaign. 

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