Sleeping with open windows is very bad for your health, research reveals – The Post

Sleeping with open windows is very bad for your health, research reveals

When the thermometer hits 28 and you’re about to go to bed, the bedroom can often feel like an oven and you crave fresh air

Some like it hot – but if you don’t, best not to open the window
May 29th, 2018 4:34 pm| by Stephen Gadd

Marilyn Monroe is famous for saying that she only slept in Chanel No 5 but history doesn’t record whether she opened the windows or not.

And who could blame her, as these past few nights have become increasingly hot and sticky, regardless of whether you’re sleeping alone or not.

However, apparently the answer is to grin and bear it, as according to new research carried out at the Johannes Gutenberg Universitetet in Mainz, opening all the windows is the worst thing you can do if there is traffic noise outside, reports Nettavisen.

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Cardiologist Thomas Münzel and his team have discovered that traffic noise can have such a negative effect on the body that it increases blood pressure and the body’s cholesterol level – even if you are asleep.

Even one passing car can be enough. And that is not all. Noise can also lead to psychological traumas such as depression and fear.

Münzel’s conclusion is to close the windows if you can hear traffic noise from the bedroom. If you must have them open, wear earplugs in bed.