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Smoke-free beach proposal unpopular with politicians but strikes a chord with public

MP questions whether it is a good use of police resources, while cancer group suggests beach-goers must enforce a ban themselves

No more buttresses in sand castles (photo:
August 2nd, 2017 8:27 am| by Ben Hamilton

Cancer concern group Kræftens Bekæmpelse (KB) has applauded a proposal to make Danish beaches smoke-free zones. However, it is doubtful whether there is the necessary political will to enforce a ban.

France’s example
Following in the footsteps of the EU and several European countries – such as France, where the number of smoke-free beaches has risen from none to 53 in the last five years – Niels Them Kjær, a KB project manager, believes the proposal will lead to cleaner and more social beaches.

While Professor Morten Grønbæk, a board member at health body Institut for Folkesundhed, suggests fewer children will witness role models smoking in what is a fun environment – a little like the exposure granted by movies.

A good use of police resources?
Venstre’s health spokesperson, Jane Heitmann, questions whether enforcing it – in France, for example, those caught smoking are fined just 125 kroner – will be a good use of police resources. Socialdemokratiet is also opposed to a ban.

In response Kjær told DR the ban would need to be enforced by the beach-goers themselves. “We also have nobody enforcing the areas in which it is advised you’ll be skating on thin ice,” he said.

No to smoking in nature
And a series of DR interviews with a cross-section of beach-goers at Julebæk Strand in Helsingør would appear to have unearthed enough vigilantes to enforce the ban.

The public, increasingly it would appear, object to people smoking in Danish nature.