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Snow and biting winds to continue on this week

Temperatures set to plummet again tonight

Beginning tomorrow, biting winds will make temperatures feel like minus 15 degrees Celsius although the weekend could bring some sun (Photo: Scanpix)

January 28, 2014

by CW

The weather may be slightly milder today, but don’t put away your winter garments just yet because the cold, snow and wind are all set to return tomorrow.

Temperatures today are between -2 and +2 degrees Celsius and some of the snow will melt but the cold and snow is expected to return once again on Wednesday, according to the national meteorological institute DMI.

“That front which provided us with snow yesterday halted north of the country and is on its way back again,” Olaf Mathiassen, a DMI meteorologist, told Berlingske newspaper. “We have had some milder air compared to the biting cold we have had, but the cold will return in the coming days.”

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Not much snow
While temperatures from Wednesday to Friday night could hit temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, Mathiassen didn’t expect much new snow to fall.

“The frost and snow will return tonight and we’ll likely see minus temperatures throughout the day and night on Wednesday, Thursday and probably Friday too,” Mathiassen said. “A few centimetres of snow could fall tonight, during Wednesday and Thursday.”

Temperatures are not expected to dip below -10, but biting winds blowing at up to 13 metres/second will make the temperature seem colder than it is.

“It will feel colder than it actually is. Even though there won’t be gale-force winds, winds will be brisk on Wednesday and Thursday so it will feel like it’s 10-15 degrees below zero,” Mathiassen said.

According to DMI's predictions, day temperatures are expected to creep just above freezing again on Saturday and Sunday and the sun may even make a rare appearance.

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