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Snow forecast in Denmark for Wednesday

DMI not expecting the white stuff to settle just yet

Snow on the way (photo: iStock)
October 31st, 2016 9:12 am| by Ben Hamilton

The first snow of the autumn is expected to hit Denmark on Wednesday, according to DMI.

Snow and sleet are forecast in northern Zealand and eastern Jutland, and also possibly in the capital region.

However, DMI’s Janne Hansen is not expecting it to settle, according to Metroxpress.

“The temperature will still be about 5 degrees, so the snow is likely to melt when it strikes the ground,” she said.

“We should therefore not expect large areas covered with snow.”

Bit of everything this week
A new front on Friday will undoubtedly bring more showers, but Hansen contends it is too early to say whether there will be any more snow or sleet thrown in.

Until Wednesday, temperatures are expected to be higher than average for early November – a last chance for Danes to enjoy a few golden days of sunshine and autumnal foliage – with temperatures reaching as high as 12 degrees in eastern Jutland.

Cold winter still likely
Meanwhile, the prognosis for the Danish winter continues to be bleak. Following initial reports in early October that this winter will be the coldest for six years, and possibly the coldest for over a century, a respected American expert has chipped in with his forecast.

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According to Judah Cohen, an advisor to NASA and US weather services, icy air from Siberia will be responsible for turning Denmark into an ice-block.

Some British media are warning that the UK could be facing 120 days of snow.

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