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Something for the Weekend: Don’t miss the grand Metro opening on Sunday!

Just two days away (photo: Metro Company)
September 27th, 2019 5:29 pm| by Roselyne Min

The City Ring Metro is finally ringing its service bell. After obtaining final security clearance on Wednesday, the line is now ready to carry passengers.

The permit required thousands of tests of the driverless trains and involved 1.4 million documents.

The Copenhagen Metro promised to fulfil the conditions that the permit entails –before and after the commencement of passenger operations.

More space for passengers
The new Metro trains can carry up to 306 people compared to the 280 who can fit onboard on the current Metro lines.

Considering that the rides between stations are fairly short, the Metro decided to remove some seats and have more room in the carriages.

Therefore, on the new Metro trains, there will be just 72 seats, leaving room for 234 people.

Additionally, bicycles, wheelchairs and strollers will get more space on the trains.

‘Quality surcharge’
As the Copenhagen Metro will cost an average one krone surcharge per trip, some passengers are expected to avoid the Metro.

According to Ingeniøren, the consulting firm Incentive has documented that the surcharge will cause 3.8 million fewer journeys by 2025. The figure represents a 2.5 percent shortfall on the total number of journeys required to offset the expense of the new Metro’s installation.

Ingeniøren expects that the Metro will end up spending a third of the revenue generated from the surcharge, 50 of 150 million kroner, on covering the loss generated by the missing passengers. However, the Copenhagen Metro has not itself assessed the cost.

The transport minister, Benny Engelbrecht, denies Ingeniøren’s claims, saying “the supplement ensures the repayment of the company’s debt until 2065″.

Gloomy opening expected
The Metro has proudly announced that the “City Ring Metro will be inaugurated with a large popular party.”

To celebrate the completion of the eight-year construction, the Metro has invited everyone to a huge opening ceremony that will include a special opening show and a live concert.

On the occasion of the opening day, the Metro will be free of charge all day.

However, rain clouds are threatening to spoil the day, but so far no rain is expected during the concert.

According to DMI, showers are predicted at the beginning and end of the day.