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Son of a birch! Most miserable pollen plague has kicked off in Denmark

Half a million Danes saw the insufferable season start two weeks early on Sunday

Hay fever hell: Itchy eyes, sneezing, fatigue and runny noses (photo: Pixabay)
April 8th, 2019 3:10 pm| by Christian W

There are plenty of songs out there about the air. ‘Love Is In The Air’ (John Paul Young), ‘The Air That I Breathe’ (The Hollies), ‘In the Air Tonight’ (Phil Collins) and ‘Something in the Air’ (Tom Petty) are just a few.

But despite the millions of people across the world having to struggle with allergies every spring, no song has ever been written about pollen being in the air. Where’s the lyrical ode to hay fever?

Well, allergy sufferers, here’s an all-too-familiar tune for you, and it’s in the air alright. Tonight, tomorrow, and every day for the next month and a half or so.

Astma-Allergi Danmark revealed today that the birch-pollen season officially started two weeks early on Sunday with particle readings being registered in east and west Denmark.

“It’s still difficult to predict how the season with develop, but if the weather continues with sun and heat, we can expect high pollen counts. We’ve already seen record-high levels of alder and hazel this spring, but some cold and rain can cut down the numbers a bit,” said Andrea-Pil Holm, the head of Astma-Allergi Danmark’s pollen count.

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Contact your GP
About 1 million Danes suffer from a pollen allergy, and about 51 percent of those sufferers are allergic to birch pollen – so around 500,000. Red eyes, sneezing fits, runny noses and fatigue are some of the main symptoms associated with this springtime seasonal allergy, and sufferers are advised to contact a doctor for medication.

Pollen sufferers can keep abreast of the pollen count situation by getting the free Astma-Allergi Danmark app here.

It is advisable for sufferers to limit outdoor activities, to shower and rinse your hair before bedtime and, when possible, to wear sunglasses when cycling.

Air out your home, but avoid doing so during the day when there are most pollen particles in the air. Don’t dry your clothing outside and clean your home thoroughly once a week.

And actually, it turns out there is a song about pollen. One of our readers pointed it out below.