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Detained football fans to be compensated

Hundreds of innocent fans were detained by police

January 14th, 2014 9:47 am| by admin

Football fans who were wrongfully detained during the trouble that occurred after the December 1 match between FC Copenhagen and Brøndby are eligible for compensation.

The police in the western suburbs, Københavns Vestegns Politi, wrote in a press release that the group of 500 football fans were detained as they left the stadium in Brøndby after a few of them began making trouble and throwing rocks at the police.

Instead of arresting the few hooligans, police decided to detain the whole bunch and then release them after they had been registered.

“We believe that the detention was needed to stop the serious trouble that endangered civilians and police alike,” Kim Christiansen, the head of Københavns Vestegns Politi, said. “We expect to charge the trouble makers we can identify during the ongoing investigation, while the rest can apply for compensation for unlawful detention.”

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Investigations are ongoing
The number of compensations will depend on the result of the ongoing investigations and the compensation amount will be determined by the state attorney, Rigsadvokaten.

Police are investigating violations including the disturbance of public order, vandalism, violence against policemen and disturbing the peace.

“The culprits in the group vandalised the property of citizens and the local council, threw rocks at policemen and we are trying to find the guilty ones in the group,” Christiansen said.

The police are still looking for any witnesses from the day and will gladly accept any film footage or photos of the disturbances. Københavns Vestegns Politi can be contacted on 44 86 14 48.