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Statue of beloved Danish author vandalised

Lise Nørgaard’s sculpture doused with red paint a day before she turns 100

Lady in red … for a day at least (photo: Roskilde Municipality)
June 13th, 2017 12:40 pm| by Christian W

Someone seems to be intent on vandalising Denmark’s favourite statues, and red paint seems to be their modus operandi.

Two weeks ago, the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen was doused with red paint, and today the statue of Lise Nørgaard – the creator of Denmark’s beloved TV series classic ‘Matador’ – was likewise splashed with red paint in Roskilde, a day before she celebrates her 100th birthday. It is not known if the two instances of vandalism are linked.

“We have to see if there are some traces of evidence. I’m thinking of the Little Mermaid, where there was some accompanying text written, and it looks like there is only paint thrown at this statue,” Martin Bjerregaard, a spokesperson with the Mid and West-Zealand Police, told BT tabloid.

“But we need to see if there is any evidence or political messages – even though she is not very politicised.”

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Cleaned up
The police are looking for any witnesses who may be able to offer information leading to the guilty party. People with information are urged to call the police number 114.

The statue, which was erected in 2010 at a cost of 350,000 kroner, has been cleaned and is ready for Nørgaard’s celebration tomorrow.